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Updated: Sep 5, 2018

In light of the recent Cambridge Analytica and Facebook data misuse scandal– I began to think about the impact social media plays in the information age and how depersonalized it has become over the years. Yes, there are algorithms to constantly curate feeds and enhance your experience based on your preferences, likes and friends - but have we lost the initial meaning of what social media was meant to do?

Lately Facebook has been running advertisements pledging to better police fake accounts and information to essentially “do what Facebook was meant to do,” which was build a place for people to communicate and keep in touch. In other words, a place for humans to connect in a digital world. Facebook’s pledge to reinstate these founding values should also serve as a call for companies and brands to do the same and bring a human element into their social media programs.


Companies must leverage personal interactions when it comes to their social media campaigns and programs instead of pushing content and information at their followers. By becoming more active in these communities and engaging with people through conversation, replies and likes - any size company can build a relationship with customers and potential customers in a meaningful and purposeful way.


Social media management can easily become a full-time job within your marketing team. One way to avoid imposing this responsibility is to appoint ownership (internal or external) and provide access to your company’s social media accounts to your entire team. This creates an opportunity for multiple sources for content and allows your social media marketing to be a much more collaborative effort. Respect each other’s time and contributions by drafting a social media policy that provides:

  • Structure to Content

  • A Framework for Timing

  • A Distinct Vision

  • Content Themes

  • Guidelines For Posts

  • Syndication Through Employees


One of the benefits of social media is it is a cost-effective marketing tool. With minimal investment on the line, try experimenting with your social media. If you find yourself at an industry conference or event with a few minutes to yourself, try live tweeting from the event. This can be a memorable quote you heard throughout the day or an inspired thought of your own. By sharing this thought across your social media, you are participating in both the in-person as well as digital conversations happening within your industry.

Encourage teams to be active on social media while attending major industry events to gain more exposure for your brand. This can be on their own personal accounts or on behalf of the company’s social media accounts. Regularly use several hashtags that are pertinent to your business, industry and overall content themes including any that are specific to the event. Hashtags make your posts indexable when searching social media platforms and provide users with a broader insight into your company, brand and your service.


To gain even more traction, attention and momentum within your social media marketing, add personality to your posts. Your tone doesn’t necessarily have to reflect the same sassy and punchy attitude of the Wendy’s (@Wendys) twitter account, but adding a more human factor makes a company and brand more relatable in these digital spaces. Instead of maintaining a neutral and flat tone behind your social media posts, take a stance on an issue, share your opinion and respond in kind. There is enough ambivalence in the world and your brand should not be forgettable.

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